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Alaskan Adventures
Sheep Hunts Alaska

: We have harvested large numbers of exceptioinal dall sheep that hunters keep coming back for. These Alaska Dall Sheep hunts are over-the-counter not requiring a limited entry draw permit. These areas have a very healthy population of Dall Rams ranging from 37” to 40+”. Only a few general season sheep hunters a year are taken in these areas in the spectacular Chugach and Alaska Mountain Ranges. Keeping our hunter numbers low in these hunt areas allows us to provide much personal attention and focus on having a top high quality hunt for once in a life time trophy animal. The Chugach Mountains are known for their deep, heavy curl and high B&C scoring Dall Rams. These are traditional back pack sheep hunts and a client will need to be in top physical condition and mentally prepared to really enjoy the experience. A grizzly bear could be added for a trophy fee, and a black bear, wolf and wolverine can be taken at no charge.

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British Columbia Stone Sheep Hunt

Northern British Columbia - Current Specials:

Call for details - 2015 Stone Sheep - 2 tags available. Personally guided by the outfitter.

Mountain Grizzly, Mountain Caribou (or Goat), Black Bear and Wolf.
A 'Classic' horseback expedition in the far north. August 24 - Sept 04. One hunt available for 2015. $10,900 & $4000 harvest fee for grizzly.

Book your 2016 Moose Hunt now: 2015 moose hunts are sold out. $11,900 - no harvest fees. Hunt the Yukon border. High success rates for BIG Canadian Moose.

Licenses, tags, air-charters, not included in pricing above.
Call Jake: (250) 500-2717 Website:

stone sheep hunt-British Columbia

Sheep River Hunting
Alaska Dall Sheep Hunts

Our dall sheep hunts are in a nearly inaccessible area of the interior where we have hunted for over 28 years. It is very mountainous with a fair population of dall sheep. Dall sheep run a natural cycle of ups and down in relation to weather and predatory conditions, to date we have seen no other sheep hunters within this area so sheep hunting pressure is very small. The rams our clients take average a great deal larger than the average dall ram taken from more easily accessible areas.

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