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New Brunswick Hunting Outfitter, black bear hunting, black bear hunt

Dave Winchester's Sporting Camps

Dave Winchester's Sporting Camps is located 45 miles from Houlton Maine, in the heart of Beautiful New Brunswick Canada. The total land and water area of our Province is 28,150 square miles, over 80 percent of which is made up of forests, providing us with the very best bait sites for Bear. We work very hard to make our establishment, your ultimate Black Bear hunting destination. Our staff is friendly, and will go to great lengths to make your bear hunt enjoyable. For those who would like to relax with friends and take in some sight seeing, we also offer guided ATV excursions in the summer months. Come join the thrill, and experience the hunt of a lifetime!

About The Bear Hunt
Although the Spring bear hunt officially starts the middle of April, our first hunt is in the middle of May. The reason for this, is because there is still too much snow in the woods for proper baiting and a lot of bears are not out of their dens in April. The average adult black bear weighs anywhere from 300-600 pounds.

Approximately 30 sites are maintained. These baits are started three weeks prior to the hunt and re-baited daily. All baits are located within 20 miles radius of the camps. We also encourage the hunter who has a four wheeler to bring it along to participate and travel with the guide daily to visit all bear bait sites.

Dave Winchester's Sporting Camps
381 Becaguimec South Branch Rd
Maplewood, New Brunswick, CAN
E6E 1M9
Email: Call: 506-325-8579

New Brunswick moose hunting outfitter

This is a great chance to hunt in New Brunswick with a Father & Son team who have a passion for moose hunting. With 30 years of moose hunting experience you will see in the video what they are all about. In the last 10 years we have seen a significant rise in our moose population and Mature Bulls (45"- 60" class). We have seen up to 30+ moose in our 5 Day hunts. We offer a 5 day low pressure hunt that is relaxing and enjoyable. You can also expect to see moose every day along with some beautiful views that our area offers. In order to get a moose tag you will have to enter and be successful in the computerized random-access draw.

Draw applications are accepted from Feb 4th until April 30th, 2019
Draw results will be available May 21st and June 14th ,2019

Moose hunt = $9,000 all inclusive.
Book and save your spot = $1,000 non-Refundable

Text or Call 920-540-5038

Bear Creek Lodge
Island Falls, Maine

Maine Hunting Guides, prime Maine Black Bear hunts, Moose hunts and Maine Trophy whitetail deer hunts, with lots of elbow room. The area is remote, but easy to guide you on this Maine hunt, as the brooks, streams, logging roads-old and new outline your hunting areas. We point the way and give 110% in assisting you in a good time and bagging your trophy. Even the most inexperienced hunter can become successful with just a little guidance. Excellent bear hunting and whitetail deer hunting within walking distance of the lodge.

visit our web site:

Maine Bear hunt

Sunset Ridge Outfitters
Maine Hunting Guides

If you like hunting you will really enjoy Sunset Ridge Outfitters, Maine.
We started our Maine hunting outfitters and guides business back in 1974. Over 30 years in the hunting guide and outfitter industry. We hunt big game animals such as bear, deer, moose, red stag, elk and buffalo. When you hunt with us you get our knowledge, experience and expertise. We have the game, guides and equipment to make your trip second to none. Service is first in our business.

Web Site:

bear hunting, bear hunts, maine, maine hunting guides
Maine Hunting Outfitters

Northern Outdoors has a tradition of almost 40 years of Trophy Whitetail Deer hunting in Maine. Let our Maine Master Guides and professional lodge staff provide you with a quality guided or unguided deer hunt from our deluxe wilderness lodge in The Forks.

Offering three and five day hunts through November. We have openings in week 1,2 and 4 for guided hunters and plenty of accommodations for unguided hunters.

For more information see
or call us at 207.663.4466
bear hunting, bear hunts, maine, maine hunting guides
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