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gunson outfitting british columbia hunting outfitter

Gunson Guiding & Outfitting:


• Exclusive 2000 sq mile remote wilderness hunting territory.

• Far north British Columbia - to the Yukon border.

• Traditional Horseback Hunts, or • Lake Hunts for Trophy Moose (rut only). Moose average 52" to 57".

• Fly-in only – extremely low hunting pressure.

• Personalized service: max group size of two (2) – except by special request.

Jake & Cecilia Gunson Gunson Guiding & Outfitting,
Liard River, B.C. Phone (250) 500-2717,

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hunting guides, hunting outfitters
hunting guides, hunting outfitters
hunting guides, hunting outfitters
hunting guides, hunting outfitters
Saskatchewan Hunting Guides and Outfitters
Saskatchewan bear hunts, saskatchewan moose hunts, saskatchewan deer hunts

King Buck Safaris
Saskatchewan hunting outfitter that brings 35 years of hunting guide experience to the avid hunter in various types of Big Game Trophy Hunts throughout western Canada. I purchased my Saskatchewan whitetail area in 1992. We have been in operation as a full-fledged big game outfitter for the past 16 years in Saskatchewan.

King Buck Safaris has consistently produced B/C whitetails and black bears (including color phase) in both Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

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The Saskatchewan Lodge is located 5 miles south of Hudson Bay, Saskatchewan. The lodge can accommodate up to 14 people at one time. Deer hunters are booked at eight per week. ( maximum ).
All meals are home-cooked at our Saskatchewan lodge. Whitetail hunters have access to a 52" screen T.V. for entertainment after the days deer hunt is over. There is a bathroom and shower downstairs for hunters' convenience.
We have deer hunting access to approximately 92,000 acres of provincial forest and 10,000 acres of farmland area in and around Hudson Bay, Saskatchewan. Trails are cleared to every tri-pod deer stand. Whitetail hunters are dropped off at the base of their stand and the site is baited with grain at the same time. Whitetail hunters are taken in the morning to their deer stand using a 4x4 Geo Tracker vehicle and then picked up in the evening.
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Being Alberta born and operating in both Manitoba and Saskatchewan for the past 16 years gives me the opportunity to definitely promote the fact that Manitoba is a 'SLEEPIER' province for trophy whitetail in western Canada. Manitoba has been overlooked as a prime deer hunting destination for years and is only now starting to gain recognition for its abundance of trophy whitetails.
The Manitoba Outcamp
The Manitoba deer camp is located on the Manitoba/ Saskatchewan border north of the Porcupine Mountains in North Western Manitoba. This tent camp is one that involves fair chase of trophy whitetails unlike my Saskatchewan camp which allows baiting for deer. This means that every whitetail buck shot in this Manitoba camp will make the record books if the deer antler score is high enough. As a bonus, Deer hunters are allowed to take a timber wolf on their Manitoba Outcamp hunt at no extra charge.

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saskatchewan bear hunts, saskatchewan bear hunting outfitters, saskatchewan bear hunting guides

Sisip (Duck) Outfitters
Saskatchewan Hunting Camp

Saskatchewan Duck hunts, Moose Hunts, Whitetail Deer Hunting Outfitters
If you have never gone on a
Saskatchewan duck hunt you are in for one of the best times in your life. Duck hunts are 4 and a half days long. Afternoon duck hunts no additional charge, and free ruffed grouse hunts. We allocate one duck hunting guide for every two duck hunters. Our duck hunting guides are all local, and they are very experienced hunting guides. They are selected on their proven record of hunting ability, hard work, reliability and success. are aim is to guarantee customer satisfaction.

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Big Game Hunting Area: (Archery, Bow hunting, Primitive Weapons & Rifle)

Canada Bear Hunting
The Cumberland House area is home to some of the finest big bucks, bears, and moose in Saskatchewan.
There are also breeding grounds for bears that range from 150lbs to 600 lbs. We have a heavy population of bears and bear hunters can bear hunt all colors of bears; from black bear, brown bear, cinnamon bears, and blonde bears.

Canada Whitetail Deer Hunting

Our Saskatchewan area is breeding ground for Canada trophy whitetail deer hunting. Our white deer have the some of the best food supply everything, coming from superior natural strong genetics. Natural salt licks help the deer to reach their full mass body size and big racks (4*4, 5*5, and 6*6).

Canada Moose Hunts

Moose, and antler spread up to 60 inches, are common. Take a look at the moose photo. If you need to know more please don't wait to reserve your moose hunt. With only five moose permits you must plan and book early.

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