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Montana Elk Hunting Outfitter, Montana elk hunting guide

Elk - Rifle and Archery Hunts Elk hunts take place on the Helena-Lewis and Clark National Forest Lands as well as some bordering private ranches. The terrain varies from rolling hills, grasslands, creek bottoms to heavy timbered mountains with semi open parks. Hunting is done with the aid of 44 trucks, 4 wheelers and hiking. Archery elk season is in September with heavy timber, good populations of elk and the rut, high opportunities and success are available. We use tree stands along agricultural fields and trails the bulls are using during the rut with good opportunities. Rifle elk season is the last week of October and all of November. Bulls range from 5x5,to 6x6s in the 260-350 class.

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IDAHO Elk Hunting Outfitters

RIFLE HUNT DURING THE RUT GUARANTEED ELK TAGS! Excellent area for elk, deer, bear mountain lion, and wolf hunting . Our season starts September 15 during the elk rut and ends November 18th during the deer rut and the elk migration, our elk never leave our area. Purchase a hunt with us, then buy any equal or lesser tags you want. Price of your hunt includes your first animal. Any animal taken after that is a $500.00 trophy fee. Elk, deer, bear, lion, and wolf are all open during our season.

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Wyoming Elk Hunting|

Greys River Outfitters hunt area is centered in a very productive Trophy elk hunting area with 6 point bull elk scoring well over 300 points.

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Montana Elk Hunting Outfitters

Archery Elk Hunting
Trophy Elk
in S.E. Montana with
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Colorado elk hunt

Wyoming elk hunting outfitter, Wyoming elk hunting guide

We have two openers for our elk areas the first being on October 1 this is a smaller unit but we most generally bring the bulls in with a bugle or cow call. This also is conducted on horseback but there is some access on ATV. This is a lottery tag that you apply for in January. Hunter guide ratio is 2 on 1.The second opener is October 15th which is a much larger area and also is conducted on horses, and some area available with an ATV. This hunt is also a 2 hunter to guide ratio. And also a lottery tag basis. Bulls also range in the 280-320 class. Both hunts are based out of our house and we truck and trailer to various trailheads. Shots on this hunt can be from 50 feet to 500 yards.

Visit: or call 307 248-2551

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Hunt the magnificent Rocky Mountain Elk with us on our private ranches located in Northwest Colorado. Our private ranches are located 1 hour East of Grand Junction, Colorado, near the town of Silt. All areas offer outstanding hunting. Our hunt is a 2x1-guided hunt with experienced guides. We use 4x4 vehicles to reach the hunting area and then go out on foot.

Please call 334-687-7451 or 434-907-7734

Idaho Elk Hunting Guides|
Elk Springs Outfitters

Experience the thrill, challenge and adventure of an Idaho wilderness guided elk hunt. Our Idaho hunting guides specialize in combination elk hunts.
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New Mexico is definitely a place where the big trophy elk run.
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Colorado Elk Hunting Outfitters|
Bearcat Outfitters

Our Colorado elk rifle, Archery elk hunts are guided and operated out of our lodge in Northwest Colorado.Everything is furnished except for your hunting license and personal gear. It has all the modern conveniences with two full baths for hunters use. Meals are prepared home style. You will arrive the afternoon before your elk hunt begins.

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Pony Creek Outfitters
Dedicated to the quality of your hunting and horse backing and camping experience in Idaho.
elk hunt Idaho
Elk Hunting, Iowa
North Star Gameland Hunting Preserve

is located between Cedar Rapids and Marshalltown, Iowa. Cut by the Iowa River, our scenic guided elk hunting preserve consists of 750 acres of high, rugged bluff country, dense forest and bottomland. The terrain is spectacular in its beauty and provides you with a challenging, exciting elk hunts. Our Iowa elk hunting guides will help you fill that dream of bagging a trophy animal.
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H & G Outfitters.
Wyoming Elk Hunting

H & G Outfitters are located in one of the oldest and most productive pack in camps in Western Wyoming. In our camp we specialize in trophy elk. Many of our hunting areas are very remote, beautiful and game rich. We offer fully guided pack in hunts for trophy elk. Our hunts take place in the Salt River and Grey’s River drainages.

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