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2019 Alaska Hunting

Alaska-high-probability 1 LEFT Brown Bear hunt in the fall of 2019.
Brown Bear Hunt or combo Goat with Black Bear Presently one 12-day Brown Bear hunt available for $14,500

The hunt starts on October 10th, which is a prime time to ambush bears that are feeding on spawning salmon.

Hunters will see several bears while sitting in pop-up blinds or two-man archery stands. Perfect for archery hunts, and we have guided several successful archery kills.

Clients fly to Juneau, Alaska, and then take a short commuter flight to Haines. We will meet them upon arrival.

The hunt will be based in a comfortable log cabin with oil heat and a hot shower. Wifi is included. Meals will be family-style at my home cabin. Not more than two hunters in camp at the same time. We have one of the highest success rates in Alaska.
Everything is included in the price of the hunt. Call or text 920-540-5038 for more information.

Sub-unit 1-D is a game-rich location, so all Brown Bear and Mt. Goat tags are over the counter hunts. There are no lengthy, uncertain draw-hunts in my Guide-Use area, which is immediately adjacent to the largest protected wilderness area on earth.

Mountain Goat Hunting Alaska
Mountain Goat Hunting Alaska Alaska Mountain Goat Hunting
brown bear hunting Alaska Alaska Brown Bear Hunting


Alaska Coastal Brown Bear Hunting
Spring Brown Bear hunts are my personal favorite because of long daylight hours and mild weather. Spring bear hunts can be booked as combination Black Bear and Brown Bear hunts.

We often hunt the favorite spring feeding areas of bears, which include horsetail ferns in open areas between shrub alder clumps and exposed snow slides, which are favorite places for bears to forage for winter-kill mountain goats. In some instances, we may take a stand along game trails and open river bottoms, or we may opt to utilize spot and stalk methods on the mountainsides immediately above camp. Spring bears are generally active throughout all daylight hours, with peak hunting activity in the late evening, often via moonlight, which is legal in Alaska.

Being situated at a high vantage point with an electronic predator call and a remote speaker located at a lower elevation promises expanded opportunities to observe and judge predatory spring bears as they travel hundreds of yards to locate the sound of a bear cub in distress, or the plaintive call of a moose calf.

One early-season, high-probability, spring hunt takes place where Brown Bears that have just emerged from hibernation walk right past one of my privately-owned cabins while in rout to the first green-up food source of the year.

During a portion of any hunt we may use one of five remote hunting cabins, a tent camp, or hunt directly from my 1923 homestead log cabin.

Alaska Black Bear Hunting
Spring Black Bear We only combine Black Bear hunts with Brown Bear hunts during springtime, until the Brown Bear season is over at the end of May. Single species Black Bear hunts are offered during the first two weeks of June.


Alaska Coastal Brown Bear Hunting
The early to late-fall run of Chum, Sockeye and Coho salmon make this hunt prime. Hunt strategy will range from spot & stalk and ladder stands to bank sitting and pop-up blinds. My policy of one hunter at a time is generally adhered to when brown bear hunting, as the added noise, scent and associated interference of a second hunter will only spoil the chances of success for everyone. Most fall brown bears will be taken during the last light of the day or by moon light. This hunt can be booked as a rifle or archery hunt. Extremely large Brown Bears in Southeast Alaska are not normally as abundant as at Kodiak Island or the Alaska Peninsula. However, some of the largest bears ever taken in Southeast Alaska were taken from my hunt area by my clients. Hunters who have patience, and sometimes simple luck, have harvested brown bears that square 9-feet plus. To-date the largest bear my clients have taken squared 9.8 feet; which is a true measurement no fudging. It may have gotten bigger by the time it was mounted (They often do) Skull sizes at Haines have exceed 28 inches, but a large bear in Southeast Alaska is anything over 24 inches. Brown Bear, Black Bear and Mt. Goat can be booked as a combination high country hunt.

Alaska Black Bear Hunting
Our abundant black bear population contains a very high percentage of color-phase bears. Most fall black bears will be above 2,000 feet of elevation, and they are very active during daylight hours. Black Bear and Mt. Goat can be booked as a combination high country hunt. Mountain boots are a requirement when hunting Black Bears in the fall.


Early-Fall to Mid Season Mountain Goat hunting
After 40 years of living and hunting in the Haines area, 26 of which have been as a registered or Master Guide, I have learned the best locations, and many routes, for hunting mountain goats. I guide hunts in areas which generally minimize the danger of climbs that are often associated with Goat hunting. An average hunter in good physical condition with no prior mountain-climbing experience can generally make these hunts. These earlier-season hunts can sometimes be accessed from the road system, or a boat drop-off along the local river valleys. However, they are physically demanding, so physical conditioning prior to the hunt is necessary. A high-quality full-sized pack of at least 6,500 cubic inch capacity is essential. Knee-length gaiters and stiff-soled, specialized climbing-boots that are crampon- compatible, such as Kenetrek brand mountain boots, are also essential to the safety and success of your hunt.

Late-fall Mountain Goat hunting
Late-fall Mountain Goat hunting often involve a canoe, airboat or snow-machine supported hunt while based from a cabin and/or winter tent camp at river level. One day of scheduled time is occasionally used to access the camp areas. After that, Mountain Goats may be spotted quite low above the river, sometimes less than 500 feet above the valley floor. However, while utilizing mountain boots fitted with mountaineering crampons, (which we provide), we sometimes climb to 1,200 feet or higher if the Goats remain at elevation due to unseasonably light-snow conditions or other factors, such as marauding wolves, or bad luck. It is a spot and stalk hunt; usually returning to camp at night. Goats are very abundant, and many are taken with a rifle from river level. At times, we may bring a whole goat down-river in my canoe, boat or snow-sled. This hunt is a premier hunt that produces a world class trophy; long beards and long-haired capes and pantaloons. Prime time for this low elevation hunt is mid-November through mid-December. Hunters will be responsible for all charges associated with renting snow machines. If a hunter desires to hire an independent packer to assist with his load, and to pack meat down, we can often arrange for a packer to be available if we have prior notice. My hunters have taken numerous Billy Goats that qualify for the Boone and Crocket record book. My hunt area has the worlds' largest Goats. Billy Goats sometimes exceed 400 pounds.

Wolf All early-spring and fall hunts can include an incidental wolf-kill with a $1,500 kill-fee. We do not extend a hunt beyond the taking of the primary animal to accommodate a wolf hunt unless additional financial arrangements are agreed on.

We offer one, cabin based, single-species wolf hunt during late March or early April. The hunt takes place where wolves are killing Moose that are abundantly concentrated in their main wintering area while in a weakened condition after a long winter.

Contact me at (920) 540-5038


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