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New Mexico Elk Hunting Outfitter-Milligan Brand Outfitting

THE LAND - OUR LEASES All of our leases hold elk year round, except during the harshest winters. These twenty-four ranches vary in elevations from 7,000 feet minus to 10,000 feet plus, which cover five life zones. East to west they are spread out 35 miles and 25 miles north to south. All of our leases are private ranches, with exclusive hunting rights, in one of the highest success areas in the world. Additionally, we have significant land mass on the major and two minor migration corridors that are in the area. A final fact of pertinence is that many of our ranches border on, or are adjacent to such game-rich areas as The Sargent, Rio Chama and Humphries Wildlife Areas as well as two tribal reservations - The Jicarilla and Southern Utes.

This wide varitey of habitats and life zones is the reason we have had such a high rate of success (77% rifle) the past fifteen seasons. Regardless of the weather, we have been able to get into the elk - cause we have land - high, low, and in between.

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New Mexico Elk Hunting Outfitter

New Mexico Hunting Outfitter

Vincent Vigil, a New Mexico elk hunting outfitter and avid hunter has, along with his guides, hunted the many areas in which they will guide you. Their experience of hunting world class animals will be directly reflected in your hunting experience so if you're ready for the opportunity of a lifetime, then this is the outfit for you.

Specializing in New Mexico elk hunting; from archery elk hunts to rifle elk hunts, Gila elk hunts or any trophy elk hunt, Vince and his team are dedicated to your success. Not interested in elk hunting? No problem, NMHA also specializes in pronghorn antelope, mule deer, Oryx, turkey, Barbary sheep (aoudad), bear, cougar and much more. If it's in season, it's going down!

New Mexico Elk hunting and Mule Deer, Antelope and Barbary Sheep hunting. Come along and hunt with the Premier Outfitter in New Mexico for an experience like no other!
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LaMont's Wild West Buffalo

Private Buffalo Hunting Outfitters Hunting the magnificent buffalo in a traditional manner is unequaled in excitement and adventure. Our bison hunts will enable you to relive a bygone era using methods that were used to hunt buffalo over a century ago. Locating your trophy bull bison on a ranch this size makes for a true bison hunt. You will be hunting bison from a buffalo herd that roams the mystical and enchanting hills of the southwest New Mexico. Buffalo are the largest North American game animal and it requires big bullets to stop them. Buffalo are unpredictable and elusive which makes it hard to determine when and where you will be successful, but we do guarantee the hunt. Head, cape for mounting, and meat are the property of the hunter. Meat processing fees are not included, although we will make arrangements. Buffalo hunts are guided one on one. You will be buffalo hunting either by horseback or 4WD-ATV, which will be provided.

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New Mexico Hunting Outfitters, New Mexico Hunting Guide

Wilderness Outfitter Productions
We share your passion for Big Game hunting and can offer several services including: Application service that will help your draw odds, Drop camps (primitive to comfortable) and scouting, videography/photography, guided hunts on public land (fair chase), and full service hunts.
Our guides are capable of hunting hard and are in good shape. If you like"canned hunts" and "high fenced" ranches this service is not for you. Our guides like getting away from the roads and into the backcountry where the big bucks and bulls frequent. We encourage hunters come here in fit condition and ready for the rigors of hunting in elevatios from 5,000 to 9,000 feet. Quality nutrition and Wilderness Athlete supplements will readily available. Most of our hunts will be spot and stalk style hunting. Youth hunters will enjoy our family friendly guides and parents will be impressed with how much their kid(s) will learn in the backcountry. Our guides are believers and model upstanding Christian morals, ethics, and behaviors with hunters' safety of paramount importance.
We also can accommodate Navajo Reservation hunts with the help of accomplished guide Lambert Yazzie. Mule Deer and Elk on the Navajo Reservation along the NM and Arizona border grow some world class racks.
Good Luck this season and may God bless you and your family with health and happy trails to big game animals.
Derek and Rocky Martin "Wilderness Outfitter Productions" †

new mexico antelope hunt

75% of New Mexico Elk Hunts take place in the Lincoln National Forest, which features a million and a half acres of abundant game and breath- taking beauty. Our hunting area borders the Mescalero Apache Indian Reservation, which is famous for its world class trophy Elk hunting and Mule Deer hunting. All the New Mexico hunts we offer are:

* Elk Hunts* Mule Deer Hunts* Black Bear Hunts* Barbary Sheep Hunts * Mountain Lion Hunts* Antelope Hunts* Javelina Hunts

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Elk Valley Ranch-New Mexico

Elk Valley Ranch is located in mule deer hunt Unit 2 Rio Arriba County New Mexico. This New Mexico hunting ranch provides mule deer hunting on private property, as well as unit wide elk hunts. Elk hunts and mule deer hunts are fair chase hunts and can be done with archery, muzzleloader or rifle.

Surrounded by the Carson national forest, this pristine hunting opportunity is right in the middle of migratory mule deer and elk wintering area. This region holds a healthy population of resident mule deer and elk along with other abundant game animals residing in Subunit 2B. This unit is in close proximity to the world class Jicarilla tribe and Southern Colorado border--each within a day's ride or a rigorous hike. This area holds some trophy animals and abundant smaller bucks and bulls that would be any first timers trophy game packing the freezer. The New Mexico horizon gives rise to secluded bedding area, feeding zones and migration routes with water holding ponds, dirt tanks and mud springs that elk frequently wallow.

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Mule deer hunt, mule deer hunting
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