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About Rugged Cross Outdoors

Rugged Cross Outdoors is a 501(C) 3 non-profit organization and will serve as the platform for our ministry—Missions trips to the Woods, Lakes, Fields and Streams. The organization was created to fulfill the ultimate plan that God has instilled in our hearts—to go out into the outdoor world and share the Good News of our Lord Jesus Christ. We are committed to Glorifying Jesus Christ using what He has created to spread the Word of God while encouraging fellowship amongst outdoor enthusiasts of all ages. Rugged Cross Outdoors also wholeheartedly values the next generation—our youth. In order for us to ensure God’s Kingdom will continue to advance as well as preserve the wonderful sport of hunting, we must reach out to everyone--adults, people with disabilities and/or life threatening illnesses and especially our youth!

The Rugged Cross Outdoors team engages in a multitude of ministry activities that support this overall mission.

The first activity is our Outfitter Outreach Ministry. Each week during the hunting season we will send anywhere from 1-4 groups of at least two individuals that will include some combination of ministry leaders, field staff volunteers and/or guests to an established hunting Outfitter. Each team will generally include at least one ministry leader. The ministry team will have the opportunity to both engage in fellowship as well as outreach through sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with fellow outdoorsmen who are in camp that week. Simultaneously, they will be hunting and filming for the Rugged Cross Outdoors Christian based hunting television show and DVD series.

The second major activity is our Youth Hunters Outreach Ministry. As previously mentioned, our youth are an important asset to the status of our future. We, as adults, have an obligation to reach out to our children and youth in order to productively assist in the development and success of our younger generations. At Rugged Cross Outdoors, we don’t see it as an obligation to reach out to our children and youth—we see it as one of our major passions. The sport of hunting provides an effective environment for adults to teach our younger generations about dignity and respect for all that God has created—the land and all its’ resources including the wildlife and the people that inhabit this world.

By becoming mentors for our youth, we put ourselves in a position to teach our youth lessons on maturity and responsibility when it comes to the right to bare arms. Finally, through structured activities, such as hunting, we have the opportunity to help keep our kids off the streets and away from dysfunctional activities such as the consumption of alcohol and other drugs that so often leads to addiction, self destruction and even in some occasions, death.

We involve different youth as Junior Field Staff volunteers so to involve them in the production of the Rugged Cross Outdoors television show. At the same time, our ministry leaders will work to assist them in enhancing their relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ by sharing the Gospel. Rugged Cross Outdoors will also give away youth hunting scholarships that will enable a parent/guardian and youth hunter to attend a guided hunt with a reputable outfitter. Finally, we will be assisting in and/or conducting youth hunting camps. Our goal is to teach different hunting techniques, archery and shooting skills and general woodsman skills. At the same time, we will again use this opportunity to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with them.

The third major activity of Rugged Cross Outdoors is the Speaking Ministry. We believe in yearround fellowship with people who share the passion for hunting, the outdoors, as well as the Christian faith. Our teams will speak at wild game dinner’s, fellowship hunts for adults and/or youth, hunting shows and seminars as well as a variety of miscellaneous men's, women's and youth events and retreats as they arise. If you or your organization is interested in having one of our teams come out to your event and speak, please contact us to discuss the details.

The next activity that we participate in is the Disabled Hunters Ministry. We believe all persons faced with the challenges of a disability have the same rights, and the same basic needs, as do other citizens without disabilities. We are committed to principles of self-determination, self-actualization, and to the preservation of dignity of each person we encounter, regardless of whether or not they have a disability. We also believe in the importance of sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with people with disabilities. Disabilities are temporary. We are restored with new and perfect bodies when we enter the Kingdom of Heaven. So, despite the severity of a person’s disability, they have a lot to look forward to both in this life and the next. This program was new in 2008 and continues to be developed for those people with disabilities that are interested in participating in the sport of hunting. People will be selected based on their situation and the accommodations available to make the hunt a success for them. This ministry may also include assisting other agencies, such as Hunt of a Lifetime or others that are currently promoting hunts for people with disabilities.

Our next activity is the Outdoor Media Ministry. Rugged Cross Outdoors will take all the video captured from the previous activities to produce a Christian based hunting television show and DVD series. The outdoor hunting show will be aired on the Internet and/or cable stations such as the Sportsmen's Channel, Outdoor Channel, and/or the Pursuit Channel. Both the television show and DVD series will focus on teaching and educating the public on the latest hunting techniques and tactics as well as deliver the Good News of Jesus Christ to all those who love the sport of hunting. The television and DVD series will also include the promotion of the sport as well as Christianity to our future generation—our youth. The show/DVD series will include direct involvement of our youth population.
The last activity we will engage in is the Venison Donation Ministry. The Rugged Cross Outdoors team will be donating up to 90% of all venison that is harvested. The venison is donated to organizations like Farmers and Hunters Feeding the Hungry (FHFH) program and/or other similar programs. FHFH is an outreach ministry of God’s people transforming a renewable God-given resource into food for the hungry. According to FHFH, “one in every five children goes to bed hungry tonight.” One deer can feed 200 hungry people. We believe in helping the poor whenever it is possible. We make every attempt to never turn our backs on people in need. If we harvest a total of 26 animals per year (two per television show) we can provide up to approximately 5200 meals each year for people in need.
When in a State, Town or Country where FHFH or a related program is not available to take our deer, we will donate the meat to a local family who is in need. Often times, the local community knows of others who could really use the food. It will be up to the ministry leader to determine whom the venison should go to in this situation.

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What We Believe
Our ministry opportunities foster an environment conducive for spiritual growth for all who love to hunt or just simply enjoy the outdoors. We believe in promoting biblical truth about our Creator and Savior in a non-threatening way. We strive to actively demonstrate the wonderful impact of Jesus Christ in our daily lives. We work to exemplify the importance of having an interactive relationship with Jesus Christ.

We support sound conservation efforts directed at maximizing and improving the land and the wildlife that inhabit this world. We are committed to spreading interest in the sport of hunting to our youth and other diverse populations in order to better preserve the future of hunting.


Contact Info
Rugged Cross Outdoors, Inc.
1733 N. 9th Street
Sheboygan, WI 53801

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