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Baited Grizzly Bear Hunt Minimal Walking Required
Grizzly Bear Hunt Wilderness Experience

I have been hunting unit 13 for 47 years now. It is our favorite location to hunt bears. The bear hides have fantastic hair during early June and till we finish the hunts on bait the end of June. Lots of Moose and Caribou are calving in the area in late May thru early June and the young calves are the favorite food of all the bears.

The mating season is getting in full swing during June also, with boars on the move looking for food and females. High success on bears. No closed season on Grizzly Bears in this area due to high density! You can expect bears in the 7 - 9ft. range with long and thick hair. Only 2 hunts available at this time.

Alaska Grizzly Bear hunting outfitter

2016 was the first year baiting has been allowed in this area and we spent lot of time finding great locations, what baits work, and how to set the blinds up to get Grizzly bear coming in consistently. We did not take any hunters while we were doing this because we did not want to experiment with one of our guests money, we wanted to know how to bait Grizzlies successfully!! We had 3 baits out and had consistently from 5-12 bears on every on. We expect 100% success this year due to the numbers of Grizzlies on our baits. These bears have not been hunted very much and not ever in this manner, they readily come to the baits. Location is NE of Anchorage Accommodations are lodge based or extremely comfortable camps. These hunts are very much like the baited black bear hunts in Canada, the biggest difference is with no darkness we are in the blinds or tree stands all night.

The Deluxe BAITED Grizzly Bear hunt , you would stay in a comfortable lodge shower daily, meals provided, and be transported daily to a working bait station via aircraft or ATV with your guide. Minimal walking required on this hunt . 7 or 10 day hunts. Pickup Point is Anchorage.

Grizzly Bear Hunt for 7 or 10 days at a remote camp with a guide. The Remote BAITED GRIZZLY BEAR HUNT Camp will be equipped with very comfortable tent accommodations, cots and pads, all meals, guide services, boat, or, ATV, or Aircraft transportation included.

You can expect bears in the 7 - 9ft. range with long and thick hair. Only 2 spaces available at this time.

These Grizzly bear hunts start at $10,500 for a 7day hunt. NOTE: There is no closed season all year on Grizzly Bears in this area due to high bear density. Hunts are June 1 through June 30 in the higher country where we operate. Pick-up point is Anchorage.

Best Wishes, Tony Lee Master Guide # 105
Westwind Guide Service
PO Box 298489 Wasilla Alaska 99629
907.354.1147 Cell

FILL OUT FORM BELOW or call (920) 540-5038

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