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North Carolina Hunting Guide and North Carolina Hunting Outfitter

Jennette’s Guide Service
North Carolina Waterfowl Guide Service
Hunts for Swan, Sea Ducks, and Divers

If you are looking for a North Carolina duck hunting guide that hunts the Pamlico Sound and Lake Mattamuskeet you have come to the right place.
We have been hunting for years. Swan, sea ducks, and divers are the waterfowl you will find. North Carolina’s Pamlico Sound has a great number of sea ducks and Lake Mattamuskeet has the largest number of wintering Tundra swan. If you have never hunted waterfowl here, you are in for a treat. Our swan and sea duck hunting will challenge the best waterfowl hunter.

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Whitetail Deer Hunting:
Forget the Derby with the mint juleps and those big floppy hats, Kentucky wasawarded the "Top-Spot" by Field & Stream for producing the most B&C bucks ofany county or state. Though best known for its bourbon, the Bluegrass state hasmuch to offer in the form of whitetail hunting. Kentucky is currently ranked 4th forthe "best state for whitetail hunting" by North American Whitetail Magazine.Raking in about 140,000 deer kills annually, boasting a low hunter density, andhaving a deer population of almost 1 million, this whitetail trophy destination isnothing short of amazing. The many thousands of acres of corn, soybean, andhay fields surrounding Shai Hills draw and keep trophy whitetail deer in the area.

Turkey Hunting:
The rolling hills of Kentucky offer the perfect location for turkey hunting. Kentucky is known for having one of the highest hunter success rates for turkey across the United States, and at Shai Hills we provide the perfect backdrop for an exciting and challenging hunting experience. An added bonus, Kentucky offer a fall turkey season.


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Kentucky Whitetail Deer Hunt

Heavenly Hollows Farm / Deer Hunting Tennessee or Turkey Hunting Tennessee

We are a 2600 acre high fenced farm located near McEwen, TN. We have been under a strict management program for the past four years. We have over 100 acres of food plots planted. Such as corn, soybeans, clover, alfalfa, chicory, wheat, oats peas and turnips. There are roughly fifty ladder, climber, lock-on and enclosed tower stands strategically placed throughout the farm. There are miles of trails that allow easy access to all parts of the farm, for hunting. We have several good dear on the farm, with the biggest ones ranging from 150" to 200" This is our first year to offer hunts.
With many great sites located at Heavenly Hollows our guides will be able to locate you in a variety of terrains that will suite your needs. We allow our deer to mature to trophy quality through our strict management guidelines. The health and welfare of our animals is foremost to our operation.

We will be limited to five to six hunts. So Book now

Our Hunts WILL follow ALL state regulations and guidelines. We are allowing bow, gun and muzzle-loader hunts. The hunts will be fully guided. For contact info.
Call or Click Here Web Site: or call
Gary Jenkins (615) 405-6079  or  Dan Rouse (931) 249-4451


Whitetail Deer Hunting
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