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Beyond the Boundaries

Beyond the Boundaries at Joe’s Lodge, Inc. is dedicated to providing to disabled outdoor sportspersons the most comfortable and enjoyable outdoor recreational experience possible. Beyond the Boundaries is quite a unique organization, in that it is the only hands-on non-profit organization in the area serving the disabled, headquartered on the Ed and Mary Gritt farm in Black Creek in Joe’s Lodge, our handicapped-accessible hunting cabin.

Each year, Beyond the Boundaries hosts a deer hunt during the special season: From arranging for close to 1000 acres of private hunting land, to organizing and providing tasty meals, to enveloping the hunters with the camaraderie found inside Joe’s Lodge, our goal is
to provide to disabled hunters experiences that many of them could only dream about if it weren’t for Beyond the Boundaries, all at no expense to the disabled hunters.

disabled hunting outfitters, handicap hunts, handicapped hunt, hunting outfitters

Along with hosting the disabled hunt, Beyond the Boundaries also provides other outdoor
recreational activities to its members throughout the year, such as fishing outings, access to
an archery range at Joe’s Lodge, a pony-pull, and many more.

The disabled hunt has long held personal significance to founders Ed and Mary Gritt: Joe
Fassbender is a nephew of theirs who lost his battle with muscular dystrophy in October,
2002, at the remarkable age of 32. Through the years, the Gritts have expanded the circle
of individuals included in their efforts, and in 2004, 32 individuals are registered to hunt
with Beyond the Boundaries. Ironically, the Gritt’s son is now among those individuals, as he
suffered a spinal cord injury in 2003 that rendered him a paraplegic.

BTB is dedicated to the memory of Joe Fassbender, for whom Joe’s Lodge was named, and
to the memory of Lee Buntjer who, along with Joe, was one of the first to participate in the
special hunt. Joe’s Lodge is also dedicated to all the disabled, past and present, who take
part in and enjoy the friendship and companionship of the many volunteers and supporters
who give so selflessly of their time and resources.

Please visit our web site for more information:

Joe's Lodge
Ed Gritt
N7640 State Highway 47,
Black Creek, WI 54106-9004
Phone: 920-984-3096

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