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British Columbia Hunting Outfitter and Guides

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Gunson Guiding & Outfitting:


Exclusive 2000 sq mile remote wilderness hunting territory.

Far north British Columbia - to the Yukon border.

Traditional Horseback Hunts, or Lake Hunts for Trophy Moose (rut only). Moose average 52" to 57".

Fly-in only extremely low hunting pressure.

Personalized service: max group size of two (2) except by special request.

Jake & Cecilia Gunson Gunson Guiding & Outfitting,
Liard River, B.C. Phone (250) 500-2717,

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Pony Creek Outfitters
Your Idaho Outfitters for
Hunting and Horse backing Trips

Pony Creek Outfitters are dedicated to the quality of your elk hunting, mule deer hunting, bear hunting and horse backing as well as camping experience in Idaho. The friendly atmosphere, abundance of game and beauty Idaho scenery are sure to make your visit to Idaho something to remember.

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British Columbia Hunting Outfitter

Fraser River Outfitters Ltd. Is a family run business owned and operated by John & Kathy Sievers. We offer fair chase, big game guided hunts for coastal grizzly, black bear, mountain goat, black tail deer, mule deer, California big horn sheep, moose, cougar, bobcat and lynx. Since 1982 we have been committed to providing clients with the finest guided hunting and fishing experience that money can buy. Honesty and integrity is the foundation that we have built our business on and our guides are some of the most experienced, hardest working and determined hunters in the industry. Our objective is to provide a personalized and professional hunting service in some of the most scenic and game rich regions of British Columbia. Sound wildlife practices, minimal resident hunting pressure and our knowledge of the areas in which we operate consistently allow our clients to take home trophy animals and have "The Hunt of a Lifetime"! Phone: (250) 256-4195

British Columbia bear hunt
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BC Guide Outfitters operates its Moose and Bear hunts within two 900 square mile plateau of prime Moose and Bear habitat. We have over 200 lakes and 3 major rivers.

We have a diversity of remote wilderness and replanted cut blocks. This has created some of the best Moose and Bear habitat in the world! It provides feed in the logged area, but still enough cover to create a safe haven for wildlife.

At the recent Moose workshop with BC's Fish and Wildlife dept. It was pointed out that our game managment zone had one of the highest Moose populations in BC! This is what led to the best fall Moose season in 20 years this past year!

One of the secrets of our success has been that we are full time Outfitters. This is what we do. We spend from April to November in our camps and our territory, cutting trails, hauling in boats to remote lakes and building camps in the backcountry. We are also on the landscape scouting all season long. That is the difference between a full time and part time Outfitter.

Give us a call, we would love to chat!

Mark and Andrea

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