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My name is Marquetta Pisarcik and I am wishing to promote an AMAZING PH in South Africa named Freddie Van Zyl. I am the North America contact for this wonderful hunting outfit. I can verify that Freddie is the REAL DEAL. I can also assist with all paperwork, contacts, even refer you to others who have hunted with Freddie as well as put you in contact with a travel agent who can make your trip bookings far less stressful.

I have hunted around the globe...and much of North American and I have yet to met a guide as knowledgeable, willing and accommodating as Freddie. The man will basically turn himself inside-out to help you in obtaining your hunting goals. Hunting Africa is like nothing else in this world and most believe that it is unattainable... but I have been able to do it twice and with MUCH success... and all of this is thanks to the owner/operator of African Trophy Pursuit. His fees are more than reasonable and the offer that he is giving through me is more than a deal!

Africa holds a vast variety of wild life... More than any other continent ... The game is plentiful...and so incredibly unique that one will want to return again, and again. Anyone wishing to take their 1st safari (or their 10th...or 20th...!) African Trophy pursuit can accommodate each individual hunters' needs. Whether it's bow, rifle, spot and stock or sitting in a blind at a water hole... Each hunter will be given the very best chance at harvesting an excellent trophy.

Even non hunters will find it a most intriguing and charming experience. The food is exquisite and the spa, hot tub and other amenities will keep the nonhunter more than content.

Freddie is offering an amazing special to anyone who mentions my name or goes through me with booking a hunt. Those mentioning "Marquetta sent me" will get FREE pick up and drop off at the airport and 50% off daily guide fees! He will also work with you on prices of animals and various packages.

Everyone should hunt Africa. It truly is one of the most amazing hunting destinations that one could experience.

"the only many I envy is the man who has not yet been to Africa...for he has so much to look forward to"... Richard Mullin

Marquetta Pisarcik
743 Littletown Rd
Homer City, PA 15748
724-479-2437 724-422-8744 or or

All paperwork, questions, etc can be requested/acquired through myself. References are available upon request.

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