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Gunson Guiding & Outfitting:
BIG Canadian Moose: Hunt 2000 sq miles of remote wilderness; from the Rocky Mountains to the Yukon border. Specializing in trophy Moose, we also hunt for Stone Sheep, Mountain Goat, Mountain Caribou, Elk, Grizzly and Black Bear. Call for details on Stone Sheep.
moose hunt British Columbia

*Mountain Horseback Hunts: *Mountain Caribou, Goat, Grizzly & Moose:
The 'Traditional Horseback Hunt':

Catch a float plane to a wilderness lake, where the pack string will be waiting. Hunt out of 'rustic' cabins, or spike out into the mountains. Add a Mountain Caribou or a Mountain Goat to your Moose hunt - and possibly a Grizzly tag. Be prepared for some serious mountain riding, spectacular scenery and incredible game.

*Lake Hunt for Trophy Moose:*
You're looking for a big moose - 50" to 60", with great fronts, massive paddles - and a good chance of making 'the book'. Fly-in to a wilderness lake, where you may be the only hunter this year. You will take a tent with you, as there is nothing there - except exceptional moose habitat. It's a rut hunt - your guide will call in the Big Bulls. You will use a boat and/or do a bit of hiking to get around. Don't forget your fishing rod.

Jake & Cecilia Gunson
Gunson Guiding & Outfitting, Liard River, B.C.
Phone (250) 500-2717,

Manitoba moose hunting

MANITOBA TROPHY BULL MOOSE HUNTING: Lynn Fly in Outpost Camps have some of the largest moose that Canada has to offer. They can weigh as much as 1,600 pounds and have antlers that reach 65 inches in width, with the average being 50 inches. We have the exclusive outfitting rights for our own 5,000 square mile allocated area located 30-70 miles NW of Lynn Lake, Manitoba. We take a limited number of Moose hunters each fall. We are allocated 12 (bull only) tags by the Government of Manitoba for our exclusive area. We are the only outfitter allowed to take moose hunters in this area and it is strictly fly-in with no road access. You will not see other hunters and will have a particular area with your guide all to yourself. This is a one guide/hunter ratio hunt. We hunt by both boat and canoe on lakes and rivers. We call for Trophy bulls and also spot and stalk. Timber wolves may be taken on your bear or moose tag. You may hunt with rifle, bow, cross bow or black powder, but no handguns are allowed in Canada. Pictures below from 2014

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Lynn Lake Fly In Outpost Camps
Phone: 320-732-6843 or visit

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